About Sugar Creek Brewing Company

Who We Are

Sugar Creek Brewing Company is a craft brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina dedicated to the craftsmanship of fresh, high quality beer in the style of Belgian Trappist Monks.We opened the doors to our brewery in 2014. Since then, we’ve expanded our beer sales all over the Carolina’s and started exporting to a few European countries. As we grow, we intend to send meticulously brewed Belgian beer throughout the Carolina’s and beyond.

Why We Brew Belgian Style Beer

Belgian style beers are famous for their deep complexity and unique flavors which deliver an unsurpassable drinking experience. These qualities of Belgian style beer secure them a spot in almost every beer connoisseur’s “Top 10 Best Beers” list.For most people, the chance at brewing the best beer would be an attractive enough reason to commit to brewing Belgian style beers. But what really caught the attention of Sugar Creek Brewing’s team was the way Belgian brewers accomplished brewing such great beers—by breaking the rules.

That’s why here at Sugar Creek Brewing, we always #BreakTheRules.

What Does #BreakTheRules Mean?

Historically, both German and British brewers have been constrained by legislation or tradition. Most people are familiar with the German Reinheitsgebot law, which restricted brewing ingredients to only barley, hops, water, and yeast. The history and evolution of Belgian beer styles was not influenced by such restrictions. Belgian brewers did things thought to be “crazy” or “out there” in the beer industry during that time.For instance, the Belgians used ingredients considered taboo by other brewers, such as aged hops, fruit, or spices. Generation after generation, they used and kept the yeast cultures that produced the best flavors, even if that meant more difficultly during the brewing process.

This practice of breaking the rules in pursuit of something great has created some of the most complex and interesting beers in the world.

Belgian brewers have dedicated themselves to breaking the rules. They create beers based on a visualization of a particular taste, texture, and aroma, and commit to the process of creating that beer. This has produced a variety of beers within the style, ranging from light to opaque, delivering an orchard of sweet fruit flavors or a mouth-puckering acidity.We fell in love with Belgian style beers because our beer engineers also #BreakTheRules in order to create a complex and magical experience for craft beer drinkers in the Carolinas and beyond.

Following the rules leads to more of the same boring stuff.
That’s why we invite you to #BreakTheRules with us.

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