Sugar Creek Brewing’s Craft Line Up

Sugar Creek Pale Ale — 5.2% ABV, 40 IBU

Alltech Commonwealth Cup Silver Medal Winner

A multicultural fusion combining American and European styles. This ale, brewed with imported Belgian specialty malts supported by a traditional English floor malt backbone, is hopped with some of America’s most popular whole-cone hop varieties yielding a surprisingly refreshing and well-balanced Pale Ale. Pronounced hop-flavors of fruit, citrus, pine and grapefruit balance a caramelized toastiness from our unique malt combination appealing to both hop-heads and malt-lovers alike. Expect a medium-bodied ale with a dry finish that will lend itself to easy drinking any time of year.

Sugar Creek White Ale — 4.9% ABV, 16 IBU

Alltech Commonwealth Cup Bronze Medal Winner

With a recipe that dates back to the 14th Century, this is one of our most traditional craft beers. This beer is an unfiltered Witbier, called a “White Beer” by Flemish-speaking Belgians due to its opaquely white appearance. At 4.9% ABV, it is a refreshing, easy-drinking beer to be enjoyed throughout the year. Its grain bill includes nearly 50% unmalted wheat and oats, and it is lightly spiced with coriander and orange peel. The yeast in this recipe was cultured from the original strain near the town of Hoegaarden in Belgium, and it adds a pleasant fruitiness during fermentation.

Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale — 4.4% ABV, 15 IBU

U.S. Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner

Best of Craft Beer Awards Silver Medal Winner

This vibrant, rosy-hued beer is bursting with raspberry flavor! Its traditional 14th Century recipe has been revived by our beer engineers using over 500 pounds of fresh raspberries. The Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale boasts a naturally ruby pink color and pours with a picture perfect white head. The clean, subtle tartness makes this beer perfect for drinking in the Carolina sunshine.

Hazy Creek NE IPA — 6.25% ABV, 30 IBU

Our Newest Flagship Beer

Unfiltered, hazy, and packaged straight from our brewery cellar Hazy Creek is packed full of juicy mouthwatering flavors. Huge new world dry hop additions transform during fermentation into tropical aromas of orange, tangerine, pineapple and grapefruit without leaving any lingering bitterness or hop bite. Weighing in around 30 IBU’s and 6% ABV, this beer has a creamy mouthfeel and medium dry finish from a healthy amount of wheat added to the recipe.

Biére de Garde — 6.8% ABV, 20 IBU

U.S. Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner

Best of Craft Beer Awards Gold Medal Winner

This beer’s name literally means, “Beer which has been kept or lagered.” To recreate this regional specialty, we imported all of the ingredients from the countries that birthed the style. The end result is a malt-forward amber with deep hints of caramel and candied apple. Eight different specialty malts come together to yield a magnificently complex malt profile. The French Strisselspalt hops used for aroma create a mildly spicy and floral bouquet. The unique yeast strain combined with warm fermentation and an extended cold-conditioning period produce a smooth and drinkable ale reminiscent of a lager but with full flavored ale fruitiness.

Belgian Dubbel — 7.6% ABV, 22 IBU

U.S. Open Beer Championship Silver Medal Winner

Complex, mysterious and deceivingly dangerous, our Belgian Dubbel is both easy-drinking and full of character. Inspired by one of our favorite recipes, this craft beer will keep you guessing with a plethora of distinct and delicious flavors: plum, raisin, spice, banana, clove, chocolate, brown sugar, and cherry can all be found in a single tasting! A hint of earthy spiciness with a sweet lingering caramel tone precedes a pleasantly warm alcoholic finish. By far our most expensive beer to create, our Dubbel pushes the limits of our lauter tun’s capabilities and delivers a beer worthy of the famed Trappist monasteries that originated the style.

Atmosphera Tripel — 9.7% ABV, 18 IBU

Best of Craft Beer Awards Silver Medal Winner

Light in both color and body, the Sugar Creek Anniversary Atmosphera Belgian Tripel boasts complex fruit and spice flavors derived from our unique Belgian yeast strain. Look forward to a delightfully tart and refreshing hint of lemon zest, supported by a soft pilsner malt backbone and a warming alcoholic finish.

Our Beer Engineers, along with the four guest brewers who won our golden #TicketToRide contest, brewed this Belgian style Tripel specifically for our one year anniversary. The four guest brewers received a golden “ticket to ride,” which won them an exclusive gift box and a brewing experience of a life time. The inaugural release of this beer was on Sugar Creek Brewing Company’s one year anniversary in November of 2015.

Sugar Creek Porter — 5.7% ABV, 18 IBU

Alltech Commonwealth Cup Bronze Medal Winner

Deliberately delicious, this beer is the perfect companion to a fall Carolina day.  Four different malts combine with an understated hop character to produce notes of chocolate, coffee, caramel and a light sweetness which permeates the beer. Like its cousin the stout, the porter is full of rich, roasted malt flavors yet has a lighter body and balanced bitterness which gives this style its wide appeal. Moderately carbonated with a clean and bittersweet finish, this craft beer goes down smoothly and won’t fill you up, so feel free to have a few.

Sugar Creek Pilsner — 5.0% ABV, 40 IBU

Available on Draught & in Variety Packs 

Based on one of the world’s most popular styles, our Belgian Pilsner is an ode to the great beers of Pilsen (Plzeň), Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The only lager in our lineup, this beer is exceptionally delicate, brewed using a traditional decoction mash with a single-ingredient grist of the finest Belgian Pilsner malt available. The result is a gleaming, golden-colored beer with a mellow yet full-flavored malt body. We hop the beer with generous amounts of Czech Saaz hops, a world class “noble” hop indigenous to the Czech Republic, creating a crisp, refreshing, and balanced beer with hints of Saaz spice.

Mocha Java Porter — 5.2% ABV, 16 IBU

Available on Draught & in 22 oz. Bottles 

Our Sugar Creek Mocha Java Porter perfectly embodies the fall season by blending all of the flavors of our rich and easy drinking Porter with a locally sourced, 100% organic, fair trade coffee.  Our beer engineers hand selected the brew and blend using ten of their favorite coffees and a double blind taste test. In this limited taproom-only bottle release, the hops take a back seat by adding some delicate floral notes and our blend of four malts and locally roasted, cold brewed coffee take the spotlight. The end result is an exceptionally smooth and drinkable beer with some mild dark fruit flavors, hints of roasted malt nuttiness and a bittersweet dark chocolate coffee finish.

The Big O Blood Orange IPA— 7.0 % ABV, 25 IBU

Available on Draught 

Our pursuit of world class flavor has germinated the seed of our latest creation – “The “Big Oh! This offspring is a West Coast style IPA brewed and infused with California grown “Moro” Blood Oranges. This unique citrus fruit creates a deeper and more penetrating citrus flavor than the usual fruit-forward IPA. Hints of raspberry and grapefruit interweave harmoniously with new flavors created from novel dry hopping techniques. Copious amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops transform during fermentation into a bouquet of tropical and floral aromas. A touch of toasted specialty malt lends a subtle fresh baked-bread character to balance this incredibly refreshing ale. The result is an indescribable blend of euphoric flavors that you must experience first hand to believe